Millions of people are beginning to see, with crystal clarity, the shenanigans of the rich class, the 1%, as they own and control the major means of production, the major means of communication, the major means of armed police and military force. They control who can or cannot have a job or a union or the right to collective bargaining, who can or cannot have healthcare, whose home gets foreclosed on, who goes to prison and for what, and who is literally homeless. People are beginning to see the hidden hand of rich class control of the 99% percent of the people; who in large part, have all around poverty stricken, miserable lives in a land of obvious plenty.  People are beginning to see that this rich class not only controls the lion's share of the wealth of the world but the very government itself and all the "legal" mechanisms through which change is possible.

            Since the arrival of aristocratic Europeans on the American shores, whether it was the rich and powerful slave owners of the South or the wealthy industrialist of the North, the rich class has always had and exercised these powers of domination over the 99%, for profit.  Today, this scenario goes not only coast to coast and into every nook and cranny of the U.S. but extends globally into full blown imperialism.

            The "occupy movement" has had many predecessors.  Beginning way back in 1786-87, Shay's Rebellion threatened the rule of the rich but they thwarted it with economic concessions and the forming of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.  This bogus collaboration of the rich of the North and the South, designed to protect their collective wealth, set up a system in which "men" could vote but even so, with the tricknology of the “Electoral College" which usurped one "man" one vote and it exists to this day.  And to this day the U. S. Government is veiled with a facade of "democracy," but is clearly designed to protect the interest of the rich class.  Throughout the history of the U.S., attempts to establish fair distribution of wealth and power have been met with the enormous ability of the rich class to create public opinion, to grant crumb like concessions or met with vicious violence.

            Today, all the power of the rich class, including it's pepper spraying pigs, it's U.S. Presidency, It's U.S. Congress and Senate, It's media outlets and it's whole Petty Bourgeoisie Class is in full effect to guide the "Occupy Movement" anywhere except toward full-fledged revolution, that is, to avert the violent overthrow of the entire system of the 1%, capitalism, and to prevent movement toward true "people power" and a total wipe out of all forms of exploitation and oppression of humans by humans.

            Nothing short of thorough revolution, in the U.S., can begin to solve the vast and growing misery of the people of the U.S and the world. For once, let's not allow the ruling class to divert us with public opinion, concessions or all out violence. We are the modern-day soldiers inside the Trojan Horse. Let's galvanize our efforts to unite all who can be united for the complete wipe-out of the capitalist system.  Revolution is necessary and possible.  For this we will need the most potent and current revolutionary theory, organization and coordination.  Join with the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party and let's get down with the git down!  Let's build that bright new world we all deserve.