The events of Jena, Louisiana - the hanging of nooses and the blatant disparity between the application of justice to Blacks and whites - illustrates with crystal clarity the lingering, traditional racial hatred at the local, state and federal levels. At the federal level the Justice Dept. turns a blind eye to racism spewing from its ugly head, through its twisted mouth, the hoary specter of “States Rights”. Over last few years the Federal government has crushed, with a swift and heavy hand the right of states to legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons while at the same time appealing to states rights as an excuse for failing to prosecute injustices such as wide-spread hate crimes, prosecutorial misconduct, police terror and police murder.  These along with massive incarceration and disproportionate sentencing of more citizens than any country in the world demonstrate that the Justice Department presides over a criminal justice system in the U.S. which has as a key goal, the upholding of modern day slavery.

The root cause of the abuses above, enslavement of immigrants, lack of adequate healthcare, home foreclosures, robbery of developing countries, homelessness, discrimination against Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays and lesbians, pre-emptive wars for oil and profits, torture, and warrantless surveillance as part of the imposition of fascism is capitalism with its rapacious drive for profits and is ruled by the largest banks, Wall Street, the super rich and multinational corporations.  These rulers along with their police, military and governments at the local, state and federal levels rule and maintain capitalist society in Amerika in order to benefit themselves. Freedom from oppression is possible, but in no way should we mainly rely upon the civil rights division of our oppressor to make that happen. The only real way to relieve the suffering of the masses in the U.S. and around the world is to make thorough-going revolution to overthrow the rule of the super rich robber barons.

Real revolution requires the masses of people be knowledgeable, to struggle for themselves and to rise up in their tens of millions to make it happen. Revolution requires studying and understanding the real terror that is capitalism, educating everyone we know far and wide about what is going on. History has repeatedly taught us that for these things to happen, a revolution must be led by a revolutionary party and today the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party, USA (RISP).  RISP has mounted the stage of history and is the only organization with a brilliant, on target grasp of the necessary science and policies to lead a genuine, truly liberating revolution. RISP works to galvanize all the scattered pockets of resistance against this system - among workers, students, artists and others - to create one giant fighting fist. RISP is poised to lead the overthrow of the rotten rule of the big banks, Wall Street, super rich and multinational corporations in order to make a revolution transform society afterwards and therefore build a bright a future free of all exploitation and oppression. Email us and go to our website for more science, more information about how to work with RISP to help make a new world happen.



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