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In Jena & Everywhere No Justice, No Peace - End Racist Violence & Prosecution!

Oppose the U.S. War of Colonialism in Iraq for Corporate Profits & Oil!

Oppose the U.S. War to Defend its Empire in Afghanistan!

Put An End to Anti-democratic U.S. Government  Fascist Laws & Torture!  [relevant blast from the past]

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Support the People's Struggle Against U.S. Colonialism in Haiti, Palestine & Everywhere in the 3rd World! - Support Sexual Preference! - Rebuild the Working Class & Afro-American Parts of New Orleans First! - Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! - Save the Environment, Make Revolution! 

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A new work of landmark advances in dialectical materialism, the Marxist scientific philosophy of revolution by Tim Redd.  This treatise builds numerous links between dialectical materialism and the latest in system theory.  It explains the exciting and crucial role of the leading factor, deepens the dialectical materialist theory of knowledge, greatly expands our understanding of dialectical contradiction and usefully ties dialectical materialism to the phenomena of polymorphism found in biology, computer programming and elsewhere.  In addition the work critiques the extremely harmful mechanical subjectivist philosophy of key leaders in the RCPUSA.

Our Goal: The goal of the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party (RISP) is the elimination of ALL exploitation, and oppression worldwide and the abolition of classes in order to move human society forward along the path history indicates, toward its bright future.  For this to happen humanity must liberate itself from the rule of the selfish, greedy, corrupt, war mongering capitalist super rich class that makes up 2% of the population yet holds 70% (and increasing daily) of the wealth.  These are the rich who truly own and control the climate defiling, price gouging, multi-national, monopoly banks, corporations and investment funds like Citibank, Exxon, Haliburton, Microsoft, Verizon and Morgan-Stanley.  RISP is working to lead the masses of people in the U.S., consisting of the working class (the proletariat), students, small farmers, small business owners, the unemployed, and professionals, to end the rule of the super rich and their monopolies by making socialist revolution.  During a socialist revolution the masses in their tens of millions, led by RISP, will rise up to seize political power from the rich elite throughout the country, immediately take control of all monopoly corporations and cease profit making by those corporations.  The revolutionary masses will take control of all of society and put an end to the impoverishing, brutal global U.S. empire of militarism and corporate money making exploitation.  Successful socialist revolution will usher in a sane, eco-friendly society which serves and upholds the economic and revolutionary political interests of the masses of people against those who would exploit and oppress them and on that basis strives to create a world free of ALL exploitation, and oppression.

Early socialism will serve as a transition to pure socialism with its complete abolition of classes.  For this to happen, RISP must lead the people in their various struggles to right the wrongs inherited from capitalism.  The day after the revolution, U.S. colonial, neo-colonial and other control in all foreign lands will be ended.  A key to the success of early socialism is to prevent the return to power, of elements in RISP itself and society in general, who would attempt to restore capitalist profit driven society and therefore re-enslave the people.  The first in line to be served during early socialism will be those who are currently last, the most oppressed under capitalism.  Those of us in early socialist society must learn why and how to abandon selfishness and adopt selflessness in order to realize the abolition of classes.  In addition, the people must be mobilized to thoroughly revolutionize and socialize the entire socio-economic fabric.  

Key measurements by which to gauge the progress we are making during early socialist transformation of society toward pure socialism will be the degree and speed with which racism, sexism and homophobia are being eradicated.  Two other key measurements will be how rapidly the revolutionary consciousness of the working class, especially its most oppressed, is being raised and how rapidly in their millions they are taking full control of society.  And unlike U.S. capitalism which makes arrests without warrants, allows police to seize evidence without warrants, and practices torture in Abugraib and Guantanamo prisons, the democratic rights embodied in the Bill of Rights will be integral and genuine aspects of life in early socialism and beyond.

Pure socialism can only be realized after there is socialist revolution in every country that together puts an end to the gangster capitalist profit system and abolishes all classes internationally.  When pure socialism is achieved there will be no money, no sexism, no discrimination based upon race, disability, nor upon sexual orientation.  Individual countries will no longer exist and we will all truly be citizens of the world.  There will be no first class and coach when traveling.  All lands of the world will belong to all the people of the world.  We will work to live, not live to work.  And of course there will be no more war.  With the advent of pure socialism there will be non-exploitative free love, scientific and rational thinking will predominate, and we will have a nature friendly and humanity focused culture.  RISP will have accomplished its goal and along with the state will cease to exist.  Pure socialism will be a fully liberated society that functions by the socio-economic principles of:

    *  From Each Individual According to Their Freely Given Skills and Capacity

    * To Each Individual According to Whatever May Be Their Real Needs and Desires

Our Strategy: Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party strategy to lead the masses of people in Amerika to rise up in their tens of millions to bring abut socialist revolution is "Create Public Opinion - Organize - Seize Power" of which  "Create Public Opinion" is the leading factor.  This strategy has 5 interwoven threads of activity.  First, RISP organizes the masses of people to create public opinion in every possible way for socialist revolution. This includes for example speeches, word of mouth, leaflets, newspapers, the internet, forums, the performing arts, cinema, visual art, music and literature.  Second, RISP works to target the people's struggles on all fronts versus exploitation, and oppression against its source, capitalism.  Third, RISP unites all who can be united to fight directly for socialist revolution using mass forms of struggles like, rallies, boycotts, demonstrations and strikes.  Fourth, RISP mobilizes and prepares advanced, far-sighted individuals and organizations from among the working class, students, people in the arts and intellectuals to serve as the primary leadership and backbone of the revolutionary movement.  In mobilizing and preparing the far-sighted, RISP places the accent on individuals from the working class, especially its most oppressed sections.  Fifth, RISP works to build itself as the vanguard party of the proletariat, and the leading party of the revolutionary movement for socialism.  Thus RISP works to: (a.) recruit advanced, far-sighted individuals as members, (b.) broaden and deepen its ties among the masses of people, particularly the working class (c.) constantly sharpen its line and raise the theoretical level of all of its members and (d.) carry out ideological struggle when necessary to root out bourgeois ideology in the party and in the thinking of its members.

To win their liberation, the masses of people in each locality, or country, must fight for revolution where they are located, and at the same time build their local movement to serve and benefit from the international revolutionary movement, as subordinate parts of it, in order to sweep capitalism from the face of the earth.  In each locality, or country this requires the organization, and training of the masses to prepare for revolutionary conditions when 1) the capitalist oppressors and their sell-out politicians are having major difficulties running things and 2) a large portion of the masses are refusing to go on living with capitalist injustice and oppression.  The masses require leadership to successfully seize power, and revolutionary leadership is required at all times to sustain the struggle until the abolition of classes in pure socialism is achieved.  These tasks are carried out by the vanguard working class party of each locality, or country.  In the U.S. that party is the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party.  This is why if you want revolution to eliminate exploitation and oppression, you should join RISP.

RISP uses the scientific method and creatively applies the most advanced thinking of humanity, the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Redd Thought (MLMRT or "Redd Thought") to chart the course to successful revolution in the US.  Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as advanced by Redd Thought is the theoretical framework for the most rapid victory of socialism in all countries with the least amount of sacrifice. Tim Redd has renewed Marxism for the needs of revolution today. In 1977, he laid out the correct roadmap for revolution in the U.S. that has been followed by Maoists in the U.S. since that time. That roadmap may be summed up in the maxim: "Create Public Opinion, Prepare, Seize Power". In the same year Tim Redd made it clear that in order to succeed the revolutionary movement in the U.S. must act and subordinate its interests to the interests of the proletarian struggle internationally. Tim Redd has analyzed key events of world history and the socialist movement throughout his study and application of Marxist theory for 35 years. During the course of this analysis, he has made a number of ground breaking insights in Marxist theory in the areas of political economy, political science, philosophy and culture [links to some his papers in these areas are located 2 sections below]. Redd Thought is meant to provide broad theoretical guidance for the socialist revolutionary struggle, it is not meant to impose direct organizational leadership within, or outside of RISP by Tim Redd, or any one else. A key component of RISP's work is raising the consciousness of the masses of people by educating them in MLMRT during the course of revolutionary struggle so that they can better take history into their own hands.

Revolutionary leadership is vital.  However, RISP has learned from the history of the socialist movement that stipulating that leadership and the determination of fundamental line in a Marxist party, or socialist state, should be in the hands of 1, or 2 individuals has been harmful in nearly all cases.  And RISP has observed that allowing over 10-12 years continuous, or worse lifetime, occupancy of the top 2 to 3 party, or socialist state positions by the same individuals has been harmful in nearly all cases.  Often such practices have contributed to serious reversals to the cause of socialism.  RISP policy is that after an individual is elected to any combination of the top 2 to 3 party, or state positions for 10-12 years continuously, there should then be a term gap between each term that individual serves if again elected to one of the top 2-3 positions.  In addition, it is vital in a revolutionary Marxist party, about every 5 years, for all party members to determine, and reaffirm the basic, overall line of the party and the members of its central committee.  This should take place through voting using secret ballots, and by majority results.  This affirms the principle that each party member is an equal Marxist who is free to make up their own mind about what is the best revolutionary line and leadership for the party.

RISP follows these policies to allow vital discussion and activity both inside and outside of the party to constantly blossom and move forward, to combat the influence of bourgeois thinking and to avoid the blinding worship of individuals.  As a genuine Marxist party dedicated to break with all backward traditions in order to free humanity, RISP stands with, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who wrote, in  a letter to members of the first international worker's organization, that they reject and would never condone what they called "personality cult".  This approach to line and leadership is a dividing line between real and sham Marxism and RISP sincerely urges revolutionary parties around the world to adopt this approach to leadership as well.  

[From "Preface to the Programme of the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party"]

The Scientific Laws of History Are on the People's Side to Establish Socialism and End ALL Exploitation and Oppression!

Humanity must understand and transform our world in order to survive and fulfill its hopes and dreams. Humans transform even their own bodies out of necessity, for beauty and for humorous whimsy.  Creating useful goods and services has been crucial to our ability to change the world.  What makes humans truly social animals comes from the fact that they have found that the most rapid and effective way to create useful goods and services is for individuals to work together to do so by forming social relationships between them.  The historical evolution of human society from hunter-gatherer communalism successively through slavery, feudalism, capitalism and socialism has been driven fundamentally, though not solely, by improvements in the way humans create and distribute useful goods and services.

Creation and distribution of useful human goods and services primarily involves two components: 1) the forces of production, and 2) the relations of production.  The forces of production are the technology, including people's education and skills, that we use to create useful goods and services.  The relations of production are the relationships formed between people to produce and exchange goods and services.  The combination of the forces of production and relations of production form what is called a mode of production.  During the course of human society a number of modes of production have arisen.  One or more modes of production make up the economic base of society.  When there are multiple modes in  the economic base, one of them is typically predominant over the others.  

What is called the superstructure stands upon the economic base, just like the walls of a house stand upon its base foundation.  The superstructure is composed of things like sports, cinema, politics, art, music, literature, videos, philosophy and so forth.  While the economic base provides the underlying impulse for society to progress, it is the  superstructure, especially politics, that we as humans "grasp", or "engage" to lead society forward.  It is the superstructure especially politics that we use to make changes throughout society.  The superstructure and politics are used by humans to lead society forward, while the economic base sets the parameters of the trajectory along which the superstructure zigs, zags and advances.  The superstructure plays the more dynamic philosophical role called the "leading factor" in a dialectical contradiction where the economic base plays a philosophical role called the "parametric", as first pointed out by Tim Redd in the mid '70's.

When a radical change occurs in the superstructure that advances the progress of the whole society that is called a "revolution".  Revolution may take place in any area of the superstructure.  However, because politics concentrates what goes in other areas of the superstructure, political revolution is the key to radical progressive change throughout the superstructure and society as a whole.  Political revolution is the genuine "swizzle stick" of all society. 

"Hunter-gatherer" society was the first human society.  Early humans shared their tasks and shared the fruits of their labor communally.  Ironically and unfortunately human society advanced in technology and in efficiency by dividing into oppressor and oppressed classes.  One of the groups taking part in the goods and services production and exchange relationships between people began to play a role that exploited the labor of the others.  The exploiters are in the oppressor class, the others are the in oppressed classes.  Along with this, the oppressor class took control of the  arms that were used to fight against other tribes of hunter-gatherers and then used those arms internally to enforce the oppressor classes ability to exploit the oppressed classes.  The oppressor class also took private control of social and natural resources that once belonged to everyone in society.

The oppressor class formed a state, a government, in the superstructure first of all to manage its control of arms and secondly to manage its control of resources and all other aspects of society.  No matter how democratic a state appears, the very existence of a state means that some class is using politics through the state to, in the first place, uphold, or what is the same thing, to dictate, its interests relative to those of other classes in society.  For an oppressed class to be free it must take control of the state in order to prevent any class that would oppress it, from coming, or returning to power and to manage the affairs of society in its interests.

Slave society arose immediately after hunter-gatherer society.  It was the first kind of society to be divided in to classes.  Slaveholders exploited the labor of slaves, as happened for example in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt.  Most people in these societies were slaves and a handful in the ruling class were wealthy slave holders.  This enslaving of the masses of people existed no matter what degree of democracy the slave owners had for themselves.

Feudalism was the next step in the evolution of human society beyond ancient slave society .  With feudalism the wealthy rule by ownership of the land and most of the rest of the population must work the land as serfs, or peasants to survive.  The overwhelming majority of serfs and peasants in a feudal society are poverty stricken and owe unbearable debts to the land owners  This is the kind of society that existed in medieval Europe, and still exists in many 3rd world countries.  Today however feudalism in the 3rd world supports the next form of society to arise after it, capitalism.

Capitalism has superseded feudalism as the dominant social order in the world.  Capitalism exploits the working class and other classes by using them in one way or another to create commodities (goods and services) which capitalist business owners sell to make huge profits.  For all the money they rake in, the capitalists pay crumbs to most of those involved in creating commodities, especially the workers.  In Amerika 2% of the population owns 70% of the wealth, although it is the blood, sweat and tears shed by the rest of us who created that wealth.  And that points to the source of the cancer at the heart of capitalism worldwide: a tiny handful controls and benefits from the wealth that the overwhelming majority of people jointly create, receive peanuts for and do not control.  In other words there is private appropriation of socially produced wealth.  

Monopoly capitalism is the inevitable outcome of the workings of capitalism.  Capitalism starts off with many capitalist firms competing against each other in every kind of industrial, and service area.  Eventually however, competitive capitalism turns into monopoly capitalism, the final stage of capitalism.  With monopoly capitalism there emerges a handful of huge, multi-national corporations, banks and insurance companies that mostly cooperate instead of compete, and they dominate the production and sale of good and services over vast areas of the globe.  The evolution from competitive capitalism to monopoly capitalism is inevitable because it results from competing capitalist firms doing what will most cheaply and rapidly bring them maximum profits.

Monopoly capitalist firms often work together to set artificially high prices and to divide the worldwide marketplace between them, like the mobsters of a crime family.  They often produce inferior commodities, because there is little, or no competition, or there is only a single monopoly capitalist firm in a given area.  Competitive capitalism is bad enough and monopoly capitalism is even worse.  All this shows how capitalism has outlived the usefulness it once had in the evolution of society and it further demonstrates how capitalism now stands as a fetter, a barrier to the continued progress of humanity.  The death knell is clear, the super rich capitalist's time is finito! 

Now the tables are ready to turn on the fat cat's oppression. The cancer at the heart of capitalism - private appropriation, by a super rich elite, of the wealth produced socially (as a joint effort) by all the rest of us - is like a tightly wound spring and its tremendous tension can only be released when there is joint appropriation of socially produced wealth.  As long as this spring isn't sprung, it will drive various tendencies in capitalist society toward its destruction.  And it will drive the everyday people's desire to eradicate it until we are finally free of capitalism's greed, injustice, misery and war.  

Socialist revolution will be a profound and great release of the tightly wound spring at the core of society.  Socialism will usher in the next major advance in human social development.  98% of the world's population - the everyday masses - will as a group reacquire control over the wealth that they were dispossessed of when society first divided in classes and slavery arose.  Now once again the oppressed and exploited will share and control what they create in common.  But as we see, this will happen on a much higher technological and cultural level than at the time when humans were primitive hunter-gatherer.

Pure socialism, where class division and its inequalities have been abolished, marks the ultimate goal of the RISP.  Socialism begins immediately with the seizure of power by the revolutionary masses of people when they take control of the wealth and resources the rich monopoly capitalist corporations and their owners have ripped off from the people's labor over hundreds of years.  However, to realize pure socialism with its abolition of classes requires a transition through early socialism.  There are 4 major reasons for this:

 1) The monopoly corporate owners, their paid for politicians, their apologists and cheerleaders in the establishment media and their numerous dupes from other walks of life will not just go away quietly and accept their loss of power.  They will attempt to regain position, rule and profits at all costs.  Also small business will continue to exist for a time after the initial revolutionary seizure of power when ownership of monopoly corporations, banks and insurance companies is immediately taken over by the revolutionary masses as a whole.  All these things mean that there will be a strong pull back toward the old system and therefore reestablishment of the oppression of the 98% of the rest of us.  This means that there will be those in the new socialist government and in RISP itself, as the leadership party of socialism, who will attempt to turn back the clock and restore capitalism.

For example, both the Soviet Union with the leadership of Vladimir Lenin and China with the leadership of Mao Zedong were on the socialist path.  After Lenin passed in 1924, the Soviet party followed policies that wavered between the capitalist and socialist road and eventually capitalism was fully restored when Khrushchev came to power in 1956.  In China capitalism was restored immediately after the death of Mao and the arrest of his cohorts in the Gang of 4 in 1976.  State based and now privately based capitalism in these countries has renewed exploitation of the working class, peasantry, professionals and others to enrich a handful of capitalist elites who took control of their once revolutionary parties and by that means control of their states.  Like the current Chinese rulers, 2 faced capitalist roaders claim to uphold socialism and the cause of the oppressed masses even while they viciously stab the revolutionary cause, the masses and their leaders in the back. 

In Amerika the super rich owners of the monopoly firms have a dictatorship of power rooted in their control of  the state (the government), the military and the police.  The rich use this dictatorship to enforce their exploitation and oppression of the working class and other groups.  To free society from the rule of the rich, the masses of people - the proletariat (the working class), farmers, professionals and small business owners - led by the proletariat and its vanguard party, RISP, must use socialist revolution to smash the dictatorship of the rich class and immediately establish a revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat over the former big business owners, their cheerleaders and their henchpersons.  

During early socialism, the masses of people must continue to wage their revolutionary struggle and as a part of that use their dictatorship, that is their control of the state and armed forces, to suppress and fight tooth and nail against the capitalist roaders who would take that control away from the people in order to restore capitalist exploitation and oppression of the people.  On the other hand, there will be the fullest democracy for the people to express opinions, seek the truth and decide how their society should run.  There will be more real democracy for the masses of people than there ever could be under the sham democracy of capitalism--in the first place because society will be set up to serve the interests of the people and not the interests of rich oppressors.  Even those advocating backward and outmoded ideas and a return to the past will be able to have their say.  It is best to allow these kind of ideas to be expressed so that we may more quickly overcome any vestige of them within ourselves and throughout society and thus more quickly eliminate all exploitation and oppression.  The state and with it the dictatorship of the proletariat will wither away when pure socialism with its complete liberation of society from the effects of capitalism and its complete abolition of classes comes to pass. 

A key guiding slogan of socialism is "Grasp revolution, Promote production".  This is consistent with the leading factor, politico-cultural role of the superstructure relative to that of the economic, production base of society.  Making revolution by fighting capitalist roaders in the state and party who go out for fame, fortune and power must be continuous and guide absolutely every policy and action of RISP and the masses during early socialism.

2) Discrimination based upon race, disability, sex, age, sexual orientation and other unjust oppression and inequalities won't just totally disappear the day after the people seize control from the monopoly capitalists.  Despite the fact that immediately after the seizure of power the revolutionary masses will make light years of progress in wiping out these ills, their complete eradication will require a long term, complex, back and forth struggle.

3) Even those of us who are not monopoly capitalists, or their lap dogs have been inculcated with all kinds of capitalist "me first" ideas and in many cases with even "make it at any cost", "I (we) count, they don't" insanity.  Not that most of us are the same type of brutes as the monopoly capitalists and their bootlickers, but let's face it, most of us possess one or more of these ideas and habits based upon them to some degree.  And such thinking and habits would make it impossible for us to have a pure socialist society which must function on the basis of its members being willing to freely and consistently serve the interests of those outside of ones self.  It will require some time for each of us to learn how to consistently think and do things in this great new way.

4) Although at every point RISP will encourage and take steps to involve the greatest numbers from the working class, especially its most oppressed sections, in the running of all of society, training the masses in their millions to be fully selfless and training them in the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Redd Thought, so that they are at their most effective as leaders, will take some years.

Achievement of pure socialism will not mean that humanity will have it easy from that point on understanding nature and transforming the world to meet its needs and desires.  However, the existence of pure socialism worldwide will mean that class structure in society with its inherent injustice and inequality will be no more.  Members of society will possess a wholly scientific, and non-individualistic perspective for the first time in history.  We will be culturally enriched in a way that centers upon and celebrates the full potential of our humanity and the human spirit.  The result of these accomplishments will put us on the best footing ever to competently and confidently take the greatest strides possible in transforming both our world and ourselves.  Finally human society will have put an end to its long, gruesome prehistory.  And we will be standing before the rosy dawn of a truly great history as a highly conscious, constantly evolving, fun loving social species.

[From "Preface to the Programme of the Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Party"]

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